James Gortner
Guardian Angel
Pink Shard Of GreyTrack Dance
Get On TopAntidote Storm WindowMystic MazePrism WaveThrough StoneImagined TigerShipwreck Eat CakeStonePictureGreen ShardSapphire GapStarImagined Eagle
Ray Of Life
"In this body of work Gortner participates with his materials in an alchemy of gestures including cutting, spraying, glazing, bonding, breaking, stapling, screwing, paint slopping and brush wielding. Some paintings begin with Gortner bolting together smaller found paintings, then working into the larger arrangement. With another technique the artist cuts out passages from found paintings, grafting them face to face with poured paint. Later, when the paint is dry, he breaks apart the bonded paint surfaces- transposing and exposing various layers of the two surfaces into one. Abstracting them. Gortner then paints further into these transformations, making them exactly as he sees fit.

This innovative series of paintings is named for a Physics term, ‘Force Field’ -a field indicating the force exerted by one object onto another. The artist strikes balance between these objective processes, and the palpable, paranormal result of his medium."

-Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery