James Gortner
The making of the Carolina series- 
Time Lapse VideoCarolina, The Devil 
2008-2013Carolina, The Tower 
2008-2014Carolina, The Empress
2008-2013Carolina, The High Priestess 
2008-2015Carolina, Pleasure 
2008-2013Carolina, Happiness 
2008-2015Carolina, Death 
2008-2015Carolina, Valor
2008-2015Carolina, The Magician
2008-2015Carolina, The Hermit  
2008 - 2018Carolina, Three of Swords 
2008-2013Carolina, Eclipse 
2008-2013Carolina, Ace of Swords
2008-2015Carolina, Power 
2008-2015The Eye Collector I 

"Every Portrait made with feeling, is really a portrait of the artist."
-Oscar Wilde
James Gortner
Opens Nov 21 @ Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery
"Artist James Gortner scavenges old artworks at second-hand stores, on the street and at colleges after students have moved out. The artist bolts the disparate images together and paints over them, creating new, allegory-rich, mysterious narratives to meld with the old ones envisioned by the previous painters.

...His final works, frame and all, straddle the line between painting, sculpture, and collage."

-Susan Dunne, Hartford Courant