James Gortner
Hans, Raised from the Wolves
(2005-2007) (SOLD)
found oil, acrylic, and primer on found woods
56" x 80"
5. For two years, I helped make the critical repairs to the building necessary for the residents there as well as my own transient survival. In the winter temperatures were sub freezing and still water buckets designed to catch the rain from a rapidly deteriorating roof froze solid. Windows were pieced together with parts of other windows found on the street. This patching work coincided with the art work I was making at the time. I was putting things together. Sensing my presents there was special in some way, some friends there began calling me their, "resident artist."

Some had taken to calling me an angel but, I knew who the angels here really were. Both on and off site.

Besides the ones there, a few of my friends were with me in spirit form.
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