James Gortner
Richie, Rich
found oil, acrylic, and primer on several found canvases w/ repurposed doorways and porky pine quills
96 in x 132 in
7. The key to understanding these seekers is in each of their backgrounds story. You will see by looking closely that their painted support are made up of the several older paintings I mentioned earlier. All found abandoned in the street over the course of my travels in the previous five years, they mostly consist of primitive, crude, and "outsider" art. They were all abandoned and close to obliteration when I found them. I thought this gave the paintings(much like the people I have depicted with them) an intense life force and a unique perspective on life. This likely due to the energy given them by the original artists, and each paintings proximity to death- or certain annihilation. To harness the collective force of these objects I stack these smaller found paintings together to form one larger one. Again, there is no beginning or end to the story of human kind or art or energy. We like art are mediums for transmigration and flux. Art can not be created or destroyed.

This work is not made by me. It is made with me.

My goal was to create with this anonymously, or evolutionarily collaborative process what would be a freer and more universally conscious artistic practice. To make a mirroring of life and point to the impossibility of doing so unless it is that life. I believe this union of art and life- subject and object- is a common goal among artists and seekers of all kinds and times. This may or may not be possible. This is a process designed out of necessity to incorporate my love of painting, photography, sculpture, narration, story telling, performance art, and life. This new fragmented and syncretic blend of Gothic, Classical, Expressionistic, Romantic, Modern, Post-Modernistic, and Contemporary art is an evolving practice so new and alive, it has not yet been named. Naming it may not even be possible.

I as well as others before me have been instrumental in this work.
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