James Gortner
Scar, Dragon at the Gate
found oil, acrylic, and primer on several found canvases and woods
68" x 69"
8. I think that as well as syncranicity, the viewer will find a good deal of chaos and nonsense happening there on what I sometimes call jokingly the "super-painting". Created by my "assistants". A good disposition and a sense of humor are necessary traits to have in any real life survival situation. This, like knowledge, is power to change and overcome here on earth. Either by yourself, or with the help of friends. But it is always both.

These gateways into another world, each containing a many number of coincidences- whether put there intentionally, subconsciously, or supernaturally- are intended to be allegorical of my subjects lives, the black magic building, a new religion, the way I was feeling, the condition of most the world we live in, global warming, the president(at the time), the reason why people go to war in the first place, and the Darkside of America. They are in short a metaphor for the human ego. Constantly in either conflict and or harmony with it's environment towards the bending of our will. Using the ego in it's absolute as a veil or mask of ones true light self, is not unlike the way we would seek to use gods, drugs, art and magic to assist in our ordinary lives.
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