James Gortner
Terry, Terry Two Swans
found oil, acrylic, and primer on several found canvases
60" x 84"
9. There is an evil genius, misguided angel, and a warrior inside all of us. This body of work is an outpouring of emotion and rebellion I felt towards the future catastrophes now under way in the world. As a solution to these I turned my attention inward in order to harmonize and find poetry in my external world. I wanted to put that ability to a test.

The Darkside portraits were a ritual. My goal in this work to didactically chart a path for you as viewer to become inspired, to step out of your safe zone and go walkabout inside and outside yourself. To get lost in the Chaos of your experience. To explore the construction of these internal and external surfaces with me as gateways. All the while actively stepping into them and relating the paintings as objects as well as images, seeing their backgrounds story to the universality of your own complex and fantastic secret life. However you would say it, in whatever way you see fits.

They are intended to be a signal for the viewer to begin something they had envisioned that has never been done before.

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