James Gortner
The making of the Carolina series- 
Time Lapse VideoCarolina, The Tower 
2008-2014Carolina, Death
2008-2015Carolina, Happiness 
2008-2015Carolina, Valor
2008-2015Carolina, The Empress 
2008-2013Carolina, The High Priestess 
2008-2015Carolina, The Magician
2008-2015Carolina, The Devil 
2008-2013Carolina, The Hermit
2008-2015Carolina, Three of Swords
2008-2013Carolina, Pleasure 
2008-2013Carolina, Eclipse
2008-2013Carolina, Ace of Swords
2008-2015Carolina, Power
2008-2015Carolina, The Eye Collector I 

"Every Portrait made with feeling, is really a portrait of the artist."
-Oscar Wilde
James Gortner
Opens Nov 21 @ Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery
"Artist James Gortner scavenges old artworks at second-hand stores, on the street and at colleges after students have moved out. The artist bolts the disparate images together and paints over them, creating new, allegory-rich, mysterious narratives to meld with the old ones envisioned by the previous painters.

...His final works, frame and all, straddle the line between painting, sculpture and collage. The Tarot references give titles to Gortner's artworks and let him reinterpret classic themes in ways that are open-ended.
'Art is like a tarot card. It's a projectable space. A person can figure out what's going on for themselves,' he says. 'It opens up a visual space in your psyche.'"

-Susan Dunne, Hartford Courant